“The commitment of ourselves…”


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The first line of the church’s core values as stated in the bulletin from 1983 says this: “The commitment of ourselves into relationship with one another…” I want to pause and think about that, since commitment isn’t as big of a deal in church as it used to be. 

First, why is it important to be committed to relationship? Or a church? I have friends who argue vociferously that it’s Jesus who saves, not the church–so why go to church? Well, they’re right…and wrong.

Church doesn’t save you. Let’s state that clearly. Jesus saves you. Nevertheless, Jesus inaugurated the church for a reason! Actually, several reasons. The church is to serve as God’s instrument of sanctification. That is, the church, with its Bible teaching, discipleship, worship, and accountability, helps you grow more and more into the image of Christ. In short, the church helps you grow holy. And it does so in the context of relationships. 

But relationships take commitment, don’t they. And we don’t like commitment. These days we can crank up The Fish on the radio or pop in an amazing Hillsong or Chris Tomlin CD and have the best worship; or stream our favorite pastor and podcast a well known Bible teacher. Why go to a church at all? 

Because relationships help you grow. The church was intended to be a family. And when you can church-hop from one church to another to another, something isn’t happening: you’re not getting relationships, accountability, or growth. 

It’s my earnest desire that we grasp this concept at Covina Evangelical Free Church. We must commit to one another in relationship–even with all the complexity and annoyance and mess that comes with relationships! It’s worth it.


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