Treasure Principle 1/1/17

by Michael Callahan | Matthew 6:19-33

Don’t worry, be happy, right? Easier said than done! Find out more about worry—and overcoming it—in this message.

Gospel of Caesar 12/4/16

by Michael Callahan | Luke 2

The Bible—and in particular, the Christmas story—is a lot more interesting than you think. Learn about how the earliest Gospel writers explained Jesus’ coming.

Two Parables 10/16/16

by Michael Callahan | Luke 17:7-10

We often have a view of God that’s shaped by our worldview. Some think God is a “cosmic cop,” just waiting to bust us. Others think He’s the nice grandpa who insists “boys will be boys.” Whatever your view of God, this message will shed light on what Jesus tells us our Heavenly Father is like.